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Adidas Pharrell 4d Runner in India Review & Overview 2020

Adidas Pharrell 4d

Adidas Pharrell 4d everyone involved ingetting me this pair of sneakers aheadof the US release I’m really excitedabout these and I can’t thank you guysenough for it for the last three or fouryears Pharrell has been one of thebiggest names at adidas just below Kanyeand when his first sneaker released thePharrell human race nmd boost and nmdsread the height of their popularity sobecause of that and also the fact thatPharrell’s name does carry a good amountof weight Pharrell’s were insanelypopular for the first two years thatthey were out however near the  Pharrell’s adidas collaborationstarted to lose a little bit of itsluster and I’m not sure if that’s justbecause boost was becoming a lot morecommon or maybe people were just kind ofgetting sick of seeing the same Pharrellhuman race and I’m DS release but forwhatever reason it just didn’t carry thesame weight that it used to and becauseof that it does feel like adidas istrying to react so high for lack of abetter term back into the Pharrell lineand it looks like adidas and Pharrellare doing the same thing that they didwith the original nmds and adding one oftheir more popular and newertechnologies to it obviously as the namewould suggest on this shoe they’re using 4d but is 4d technology enough to makethis shoe flap the shelves the way thatthe Pharrell nmds did let’s find out theadidas Pharrell Williams 4d which by theway is the official name it seems likethey’ve actually dropped the human racewording from the title not sure whydrops on January 11th for the kind ofinsane retail price of 400 bucks thePharrell 4d is already released overseasand

Adidas Pharrell 4d Running shoes

thisrelease is strictly for the UnitedStates the Pharrell 4d are dropping intwo different colorways initially thisolive colorway and also a light purplecolor way and usually I would go withsomething like purple because you knowRavens go Lamar Jackson but I justdidn’t really like that purple on thisshoe I just feel like the olive is somuch more wearable but jumping into thesneaker itself the entire upper of theshoe is covered in primeknit which isvery similar if not identical to some ofthe other Adidas Pharrell 4d  200 technical mid tubsthe main difference on this upperobviously is the color and also some ofthe Pharrell hits that you can findaround the sneaker the prime that itselffeels really great against your footit’s super soft super stretchy in factit’s even a little bit more stretchythan the ultra boost 20s which I waskind of surprised by and you’ve also gota lot of perforations on the toe whichmeans this shoe is unbelievablybreathable in fact my feet we’re kind ofgetting cold wearing this shoe as youcontinue back in the shoe youto these flat green laces that actuallyweave through the upper they don’treally do too much in the way oftightening the shoe I would definitelysuggest grabbing a pair of these shoesthat you could wear without tighteningthe laces because honestly all theyreally do is crumple in the middle whenyou pull them together it’s not a badthing that’s just sort of something

they just add a nice look to the sneaker Iwouldn’t like the way the shoe lookedwithout the laces and then moving to thetop of the shoe you’ve got this muchthicker and much less stretchy primeknitthat’s actually kind of difficult to getyour foot into because it’s just sothick it really feels like one of thosepairs of super thick winter socks whichfeel great when you get them on butgetting them on is kind of a chore andthen inside the shoe you’ve got a greensock liner that’s made up of half primeminute and half sort of neopreneplasticky material it’s kind of justyour standard fare when it comes toultra boost like sneakers padding’s allright around the heel there’s not reallymuch to speak of but it still feels goodagainst your foot because it feels likea sock the insole of the sneaker

the and because the 4d is hollow itactually allows air to come up throughthe 4d and ventilate the bottom of yourfoot which i think is awesome and that’sthe reason I’ve removed all my insolesand all my other 4d sneakers because Ijust really like the way it feelsgranted it’s less comfortable but it’sso much more ventilated ask for sizing the Pharrell 4d does seem to fit true tosize I will say that it does seem to runa little bit narrow so if you have widerfeet maybe go up half a size but otherthan that it feels fine on my foothowever as I always suggest if you havethe chance to try this shoe on firstbefore you buy it or any other midtop-40 sneaker definitely do that tomake sure the sizing is right for youespecially when you’re spending onthis shoe because that’s not cheap for asneaker and then continuing back to themid foot of the sneaker you’ve got somemore perforations in sort of a halfcircle shape and you’ve also got theadidas three stripes printed on and sortof a lighter olive color then movingeven farther back on the shoe you’ve gotthis lighter green embroidery whichreally matches the color and the shapeof the 4d but also actually stiffens upthe primeknit to give you a little bitmore support in the heel and also a tinybit in theI don’t love it I see what they’retrying to do by using the same color asthe 4d because I do not think they canchange the color of the 4d midsole but Ireally wouldn’t have been mad if theyhad used another shade of olive whetherit was darker or whether it was lighterjust because I don’t feel like thisupper really needs to tie in with the 4tmidsole it’s already so different whydoes


the top of the ankle on thelateral side you’ve got this dark forestgreen tag with the human race logoprinted in white my one sort of gripewith this detail is that they seem to beusing a much more bluey shade of greenthan the rest of the upper of thesneaker which seems to be a much moreyellow shade of green so it doesn’tmatch as well as I would have liked butI’m sure it’s supposed to just pop andit definitely does that and actually itlooks like that’s the only Pharrell hiton the entire exterior of the shoe soit’s kind of necessary to pop so I dounderstand it in that senseand then moving around to the heel ofthe sneaker you’ve got this dark forestgreen pull tab that runs all the wayfrom the ankle down to the sole and thenmoving down on the shoe you get to thenamesake of the sneaker the 4d midsoleif you’re not familiar with 4d mid solesessentially what they are are just a 3dprinted midsole which i think is reallycool because as an industrial designer3d printing is something that I used todo a lot what’s cool about the future ofthis 3d printed midsole is that adidashopes to actually have scanners in theirstores where they can scan the shape ofyour foot and then 3d print you amidsole to fit your exact foot shape Ijust think it’s so cool that the dudasis trying to do that and the fact thatthey’re trying to customize individualshoes for individual people is so crazyto me as of right now though it doeskind of feel like this technology isstill in beta because it doesn’t reallyfeel any better than any other midsoleit just kind of feels like a standardfoam midsole the technology



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