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Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless HD Sound Bluetooth

Blaupunkt BTW01

Blaupunkt BTW01 have LEDs on thisso it’s red it’s charging right now andwe have this this has inbuilt batteryand if you look at it back here youcharge this why the microUSB port andit’s supposed to give you about 20 hoursof battery

this one and thebattery life of these year but itselfwhile you’re listening to music andstuff Blaupunkt BTW01 they cleaver got six hours but Iwas getting about four to four and ahalf hours I mean it’ll depend on thevolume levels and stuff so this is howyou add and you just put it back for itto charge so this is the physicaloverview that you are getting overallit’s good I would saybut this top portion I would say it’s alittle bit more plastic II we has theentire casing is plastic like most ofthe bus but this I felt this hinge couldhave been slightly better that’s theonly problem that I have with this oneand also here this is actually in an LEDlight if you put the microUSB port andif it’s charging this will grow in a redcolor so that’s regarding the physicaloverview now let’s talk about these yourbuds how do they sound and what do Ifeel about them because I have now usedthem quite a bit and as you can seethey’re very tiny just goes inside yourhere like this and this one also goeslike this it started playinglet me just mute the sound so I’m justdone that and it builds actually withjust one device at a time if you areexpecting it will pair with two devicesno only onebut again the connection is strong

the Blaupunkt BTW01 tipsand stuff you get some extra ear tips inthem and for me in normal usage the fitwas good and even if you shaking headlike this it doesn’t fall so that’s goodand if you notice over here we have thistouch sensitive area and this isactually touch sensitive and  Blaupunkt BTW01  you pauseyour music via that move to the nexttravel double tabs triple tab so ittakes a little bit time to get used toit but I mean it’s actually prettysensitive so it works like this we haveit on both ends like this and as you cansee it’s paid so it was just blinkingand blue color so it shows that it ispaid so now if you talk about thebattery life as I’ve told you they claimabout six you should get about roughlyfour to four and a half hours and asthese are blue two hits headset anotherimportant thing is what is the rangehere I’m happy to say that the range onthis one is actually really good againin this room I can walk around obviouslyno issues but even when I move to thenext room it did not disconnect and itwas connected so that way it is goodalso it does have a built in microphoneon this one I can I could take a lot ofcalls but the thing is that the lefthere bird is the master earbud so forcalls only that one was sounding in factmany people like to take calls like thisyou don’t want two of two of the birdslike this in your year maybe you’reworking you want to hear stuff whatothers are saying so you can just putthe left two here but because that’s themaster one and you’re using this oneonly you you can actually actually whatdo you say take calls and stuff butagain make sure the master one isplugged in because only the left herebut is actually the master on the it’sjust written here left and right so thatis something many of you have asked mecan we take calls so with just signalyes you can actually do that now okaythat’s everything about it but againthese are your birds so how do theyactually sound that’s

Blaupunkt BTW01 very very clearunlike some some Bluetooth headsetspeople say that you are not really thatis not the case but again outside whennice is an issue you have to be carefulnow let’s talk about the sound which Ifeel is the most important part and hereI would say these actually impress me Ididn’t expect this much but it performedmuch better than I expected for theprice first let’s talk about the basethe base I would say it is moreemphasized appreciate thatsorry about that the base is actuallymore emphasized on this one it’sslightly boosted I would say which manyof you will actually like so the base isdefinitely boosted but again it’s notvery Bumi or something like that it’sactually very very dampedI personally I feel that the base isslightly more emphasized I would go andanalyze it and drop it a little bit butfor most of you because I know most ofthe Indians is like that higher baseyou’ll really like the base on this oneso if I have to rate it on base I wouldsay I would rate it 8.5 out of 10 I’mcutting slight points because I felt thebase is slightly more boosted to mypersonal preference but again I wouldsay most of you would like it now whenyou talk about the mid-tones that isactually really good the vocals andstuff here I would say it has done verywell and out rated as high as 9 out of10 and also coming to the treble tonesthey have very well produced it’s notharsh so again that is also very welldone I would rate in 9 out of 10 andalso in terms of the soundstage that youare getting the soundstage is very verywell done on this certainly I would sayin terms of sound

the masterhere but that was the left one and whenyou cut the call it reverts back to themusic we are listening to it but againit was reverting but it was obviouslycoming from the left one because thatwas the master but it was switching tothe right one after a second so therewas a second delay when it was switchingso that is something that I have no testagain and again when I was taking callsand switching back to the music andautomatically switches back to the musicreally playing after a second it startsto the right one so that is somethingjarring that I’ve noticed very peculiarwith this word but I have that I havenoticed again and again on this one andas I mentioned the plastic case it’sokay but again this could have beenbetter the top this one this feels veryflimsy to me but apart from that it wasactually really good and also I do notlike the fact that it’s having a microu.s. people they should have gone withthe USB type-c on this one and again itwill take you a couple of hours to getused to this because entire thingactually works with this touch and whata unique thing that I’ve found is thaton many of these wireless earbudsgenerally you can’t swap and keep themonly the right goes in the right andleft and this but on this one you cankeep it anyway so you get confuse whichis the left and right so you have tolook at

Blaupunkt BTW01 Product information

Brand Blaupunkt
Model BTW01
Model Name BTW01
Item Weight 81.6 g
Product Dimensions 5.8 x 2.5 x 3.6 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Item model number BTW01
Compatible Devices iPhone, Android Phones, OnePlus Mobiles, Laptop, Smart TV, Macbook, Desktop, All Bluetooth Audio devices supporting Bluetooth A2DP profile
Additional Features True Wireless Earbuds, Power Efficient Bluetooth 5.0, TAP Controls, Handsfree Calling with Built-in Silicon Mic, Voice Assistant Support, IPX5 Water Resistant
Included Components 1 Pair of Earbuds, 1 Charging Case, 1 USB Charging Cable, 3 Pairs of Ear Gels (XS, S and L), 1 User Manual
Number Of Items 8
Microphone Form Factor Built-In
Headphones Form Factor In Ear
Battery Average Life 30 Hours
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Connector Type Bluetooth


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