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Digitek DTR 550LW Professional Tripod Review 2020

Digitek DTR 550LW

Digitek DTR 550LW ┬áthe model number is DTR 550 LW lew means it is a lightweight tripod andan image has been also given forrepresentation and it says it is atripod with die casted magnesium bodyand on this surface of the box we havesome of the features of the tripod thathas been mentioned which saysmulti-purpose head with quick-releasefunctionality bubble head withadjustable horizontal position andconvenient accessories hook and in thelater part of the video I’ll be showingyou guys all these features in detail sostay tuned till the end this tripodsupports weight up to 5 kilograms kaiserfrom this surface of the box you canaccess the actual package of the tripodwhich you can open outside looks like asniper rifle package isn’t it and thisbag actually helps in carrying with youthe tripod while traveling

the first impression Ican easily tell you the tripod is prettylightweight as well so carrying thetripod with you for outdoor shoots isnever a problem in this type order andthis is the actual tripod guys coveredin this polythene cover let me take outthe cover and show it to you and this isthe Digitek DTR 550LW professional tripod guysin its folded position it can holdweight up to 5 kilograms so you caneasily place your DSLR your mic andanother lighting equipment on thistripod this is the tabletop of the typewhich can be easily rotated in everypossible angle and on the top of ititself the DSLR has to be placed andupon loosening the tabletop it can berotated in every angle that you want forman shot and upon tightening thetabletop can easily set in its place forany still shotsthis is an example of another movementthat this adjustable bobble head of thetripod supports a four different angleof the shots from your Digitek DTR 550LW with a lotof swivel motion options when you loosenthis it can easily rotate up to 90degree angle

positionand DSLR can be attached on it andplaced back on the tripod very easilyand it also has a screw on the top ofits surface which will go to the grooveon the bottom of your DSLRand the tripod also has an easy latchmechanism which you can use to placeback this plate head on to the tripodand this function is very easy to do aswell and this is the easy carry handlebar which can be used to carry thistripod in the middle of shoots inanother location without having to putthe tripod back into the case and allthose sniper baggage or anything else soit can easily help you to transport thetripod from one place to another placejust by holding the handlethis is the screw which helps you toloosen the head of the tripod and helpsyou to take some amazing horizontal panshots of easily and which when tightenedthis portion of the head will stay inplace and head of the tripod

the tripod body legs the pan heads thehandlebar are made up of aluminum andhence from the first look itself itlooks great and feels a really sturdyand premium to hold in the hand as wellthis is the liver that you can use toelongate the top portion of the tripodand make the length even more you canuse the side screw to release stress onthe liver to help it ease the process ofalong heading and the liver actuallyseems delicate in my first impression soit is advised to use this livercarefully while lengthening the topportion of the tripod the process oflengthening the top portion of thetripod is very easy and self-explanatorygeyser[]and this is the length of the tripodwhen only the top portion of the tripodis elongated and placed withoutextending

the three legs of the tripod nowin the next step of the process we willgo ahead and start removing the clampsfrom the legs of the tripod and extendthe length of the digitek tripod to its maximumextentthere are two clamps on each leg of the digitek tripod 200technical which symbolizes that there aretwo levels of extension that can be madewhich are the mid length and full lengthI will extend it to the full length andshow you guys now which somewhere comesdown to five point five seven feet intotal height[]so the tripod can stand as tall as anaverage full-grown adult so shootingfurther distances or shooting subjectswhich are taller than you can be easilydone with this Digitek DTR 550 LW tripod[Applause]this is the school that is present onthe MiG pillar of the digitek tripod 200 technical which willhelp you to actually reduce and increasethe distance between each leg of thetripod when you loosen the screw andlift this legs support up as you can seethe distance between each leg on thebottom portion of the tripod has reducedand when you tighten this it will sittightly on this mid pillar of the tripodand you can’t lift itthe build quality of this tripod TTR 550LW is really good kaiser the legs thescrew the top portion the head and theoverall build quality feels reallypremium and you will never feel anycreaks or squeaks throughout the body ofthe tripod it cost seven thousand fivehundred rupees and for that price thebuild quality is absolutely brilliantand you can easily carry

this tripodinside this case and travel with youwithout any hassle so now i will showyou guys how you can mount your DSLRcamera onto the top portion or on thehead of this tripod just follow thesteps that I’m doing Kaiser first removethe head onto the top with the help ofthis quick-release plate just to placethis quick-release plate onto the bottomportion or on the groove of your DSLRcamera there is the screw with the helpof which you can easily loosen ortighten this clamp on to the bottomportion of your DSLR as you can see I amjust placing at this plate on the bottomof my DSLR and tightening it using thisscrew once it is tighten just make sureit is perfectly sitting in position andthis is the portion where you have tojust mount your DSLR onto the tripod andyou are good to go as you can see onceyou have mounted the tripod you caneasily rotate it and take some amazingcinematic shotsyou can easily mount any third-partymics or lights on it and make sure yourecord yourself for videos like YouTubeor any other platform cell and when I amplacing the tripod in a Farber locationfrom me and I am shooting myself this ishow it looks Kaiser so this was ourfirst impressions and unboxing and ourmini review of the digital DT at 558 Wtripod

Digitek DTR 550LW information

Brand Digitek
Model DTR-550LW
Model Name DTR-550LW
Item Weight 2.3 Kg
Product Dimensions 61.5 x 10 x 10 cm
Item model number DTR-550LW
Included Components Tripod, Tripod Bag and Ball Head
Number Of Items 1
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No

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