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Dyson Supersonic Gold Hair Dryer & Review 2020

Dyson Supersonic Gold

Dyson Supersonic Gold that’s probably the biggest reasonwhy I haven’t tried it yet because Iknow as soon as it came out of themarket I was like nice and the companythat is known for making amazin gpowerful tools like their vacuums andall that I was making me a flow chart Ineed to try it another solid price tagand I was like well maybe I’ll stick toConoroh my goodness I feel like I just openedsomething really fancy this is thehairdryer it comes with threeattachments so two nozzle and onediffusers it comes with this long powercord and I have the pink one and it doescome in two different Dyson Supersonic colors so there’sa full silver and then there’s the pinkoption I think it’s really quite prettysmoothing on low which is the larger oneis for pre styling which can we use torush dry the hair and minute says herethe styling concentrator so the smallerone is best for using with a round brushto guide your hair and create your styleand then obviously a diffuser for curlyhair I love that this comes with thepackage and I don’t have to buy thisseparately and I do use this a lot oftimes with my hair dryers because I havelike naturally wavy curly hair

try this out today Ithink I’m going to be going with bestraight more smooth hair though oh andthis is also in the package I was justready to get rid of the box and I sawthat it comes with this non-slip mat foryour counter surface that’s nicealright I’ll take this protective serumofflook at how pretty she is let’s go oversome of the details as to what makes thesupersonic amazing engineered forbalance the only manufactured hairdryerwith the motor in the handle not thehead I think that’s kind of cool and youcan definitely tell a difference it’snot heavy at all removable filter cageso it’s supposed to be really easy toclean your filter which that definitelyis you can just kind of wipe it outreally quickly and I did read it has LEDlights that will flash when you need toclean your filter is that smart okaywhat else is on here that you guys willactually care oh I know magneticattachment oh that’s amazingthat’s super easy on my other blowdrythat I had this because of how often Iattach it I guess it like got wonky andit didn’t fit and so when I blow-dry myhair I literally have to like hold mynozzle so get open but that is soconvenient in fact it is magnetic

think you’re going to run intothat problem that is here’s the slideon/off power button and then there’s acold shot button right here withdeactivates the heat settings and givesyou instant like cold air this is Dyson Supersonic Gold reallygood for sealing in the style soespecially what I’m doing curly hair Iknow after I’ve done all my feet and mycurls are formed I use the cold buttonto like seal it’s like locking in makeupyou do the same thing with your hair andit gives you like a nice shine and likethat frizz free look alright Shelly I’mgoing to use the smoothing novel tostart and the biggest thing I forgot totell you about the dyson hair dryer colors Ifeel like an infomercial is that it’ssupposed to cut down blow-dry time whichfor me if it does that completely worsethan  so let’s give it a try and seewhat I think on/off buttonokay the sound of that just sounds fancyit sounds like moneynumber two the airflow this is a v there’s no way for me to reallyexplain what I’m talking aboutbut the airflow is like mmm like sodirect it’s not like all over the placeit’s like the red button is fortemperatures so there’s high medium andlow and then on the other side this isfor air flow so there’s fast medium andgentle let’s do the medium setting forboth of them and try that oh it’s also Ilove the way it turns off it’s also notsuper loud and I didn’t know

Dyson Supersonic Gold Hair Dryer

hair dryers which I currently have right nowbut this one a little bit more mediumand not so like sharp in your ear oh mycard again I just wanted to show youguys just after a few like 2 minutes noteven this side is almost dry the sidesstill damp but that’s what they meanabout doing like a rough version of dyson hair curler yourhair first so just kind of kick startsthe process and then you can twistnozzles and do more of the precisionafterwards but let’s continue with this[Music]okay I’m not just saying this but that’sright really quickly so quick that I’mturning it off now switching my nozzlebecause I like to do the round brushwhat my hair is like 75% dry and I feellike right now it’s like 90 maybe even95 so I just put on the dialingconcentrator so I can use a round brushholy molythat is powerful look at the two sidesand this did a really good job atsmoothing it out and not giving me a lotof frizz because when your hair or whenmy hair is all dry and I try to take anozzle to it with the pressure it justusually gets really frizzy but not somuch compared to this you can see thekind of crimping I get and then this iswhat I have here I know what it remindsme of it just came to me because it’s apowerful airflow that you get it’s likeputting your hand into one of thosedryers when you’re in a public washroomand it gives you like full force air dryair foilWowI need a mariah fan I know what to useit is powerful you guys I don’t evenknow how to explain it I think it did areally great job fact that I don’t havefriends right now really blows my mindit looks incredibly smooth I love howsilky and shiny it looks

Dyson Supersonic Gold  thoughusually after blow-drying I have to goin no matter what with the flier andwith this I’m feel pretty confident toleave my house without having to do thatI think I could probably do a little bitbetter with making knees a little bitstraighter but again today which is thefirst go of it and my dyson hair dryer latest model hair was prettymuch already dry by the time I gotaround to the round brush so that’s whyyou’re seeing this I definitely notice ashorter drying time I didn’t really knowhow sure that was going to be I thoughtmaybe it was like a gimmick or somethingbut I do think they got to be truebecause my hair was dry it withinminutes I’m literally just sitting thereadmiring my hair just staring at it andthinking about how I’m gonna finish offthis video because the first impressionyou either say if you like it or youdon’t like it and I like it I actuallyreally love it and that’s hard because Iknow it’s a really expensive item andusually you know it’s like you guys needto go and get this need to try it and Ido want to say that to you guys rightnow because I feel like it’s somethingthat’s actually in a rock your sockswhat is too expensive


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