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GoPro Hero7 Action & Smart Camera-Black Review 2020

GoPro Hero7 Action

GoPro Hero7 Action  mountedon the top and I guess accessories arein this white box let me just remove thecamera from the mount and then I’ll showyou what all accessories we get in thebox oh god dad oh stuffso finally here it is GoPro Hero 7 Action blackWowI have to tell the build quality lookstop-notch from my first impressions wewill come back to that again first let’scheck out the accessories so at the topwe got some paperwork which includesGoPros Plus subscription details some GoPro branded stickers anduser manual just make sure to read themfor all the info on the product alongwith that you get a type C cable forcharging and data transfer a helmetmount and some of the SIP stickers and aGoPro branded 1220 milliampere alithium-ion rechargeable battery sothose are all the items are got in thepackage now let’s finally check out theproduct so

front the action camera comes in theskeletal frame out of the box the buildquality looks very nice the frame ismade of high quality plastic and has anice matte black finishing in terms ofthe looks the hero 7 black looks verysimilar to the hero 6 the onlydifference is the new model comes inblack color and has a redesignedmicrophone membrane let me take thecamera out and show you how it lookslike so here is the GoPro Hero7 Actionblackholy smokes this thing looks beautifullove this new black color you’ve got the GoPro Hero  branding on the bottom right andthe camera lens is placed right abovethat just like the hero 6 the hero 7 hastwo displays status display on the frontand a touch screen at the back it’s alsoa tiny status LED indicator

the topyou’ve got a record button and one moremicrophone on the left it says go pro action camera there’s a flap over here whichincludes a type C port and a micro HDMIport and on the bottom side you’ve got abattery compartment a speaker and an LEDstatus indicator this is how thebackside looks like it’s got a two inchtouch screen at the back so that was ourHorry on the complete design and builtquality now let me open the batterycompartment and show you so this is howthe inside looks like you get one 12 20milliampere battery in the box which youneed to insert here and there’s also amicro SD card slot in this compartmentso that’s it guys now what I’ll do isI’ll just insert the battery power it onand show you how the interface lookslike to power it on all you need to dois just press this power button once andthe camera will turn on automatically

this screen shows you quiteuseful info like the current mode of the camera how much storage is left and alsobattery life the screen is sharp thetext is easily readable and is alsovisible in outdoorand this is its main display it’s got atwo inch touchscreen at the back thedisplay quality is very good its sharpthe colors look rich and vibrant and theviewing angles are also nice the touchresponse results are good I sense noissues so far at the top it shows youthe storage info camera mode and thebattery level it also supports touchzoom function this is camera mode toggletime limit and from here you can changeall the camera settings swiping down onhome screen brings the quick settingspanel which shows you dead in time GPSinfo voice commands on/off it’s got 16voice commands on it so you can fullycontrol this camera using your voicethis is camera sounds toggle quickcapture an auto lock screen so thosewere all the quick shortcuts by swipingup on the home screen you can access thegallery where you can check out yourrecent photos and videos by swiping leftor right on the home screen you caneasily change the camera mode

the hero 7 black you canshoot from 720p 2 all the way up to 4kand supports different frame rates fordifferent resolutions in 4k you canshoot 24 30 and even 60 frames persecond hyper smooth is available in allthese frame rates for 4k now coming to2.7 K resolution we’ve got 24 30 60 andeven 120 frames per second and in 1080pyou can shoot even in 240 frames persecond super slow-motion mode that isreally awesome coming to the field ofview settings you’ve got differentoptions depending on the mode selectedyou’ve got linear violence super Viewoptionsit also has auto low-light imagestabilization on/off then set to auto itwill automatically switch between hypersmooth and standard depending on themode the hero 7 also has protune whichwhen enabled offers manual control overcamera settings like color is soexposure and more as I’ve enabledprotune we’ve got some more settingslike shutter control exposure whitebalance ISO range and sharpness it alsohas picture profiles where you canchoose between GoPro color profile andflat color profile I’ll shoot samples inboth these modes and show you what thedifference is along with all those youhave options to adjust audio

GoPro Hero7 Action black has top-of-the-line specs it’s gota 12 megapixel sensor and can shootvideos in 4k up to 60 frames per secondthis is a video sample shot in 4kresolution at 60 frames per second thevideo quality was excellent in this modeI mean just look at it guys it’s damngood very hard to believe this was shoton an action camera the picture qualityis nice the detail and the sharpness wason pointthe colors looked rich and vibrant andthe white balance were also perfect thedynamic range is also impressive for anaction camera there was good amount ofdetail in both the highlight and shadowareas all these video clips were shot in4k 60 with hyper smooth imagestabilization and the exposure was saytor – one more great feature I likedabout the hero 7 is you can even lockthe exposure on 8 you just need to touchthe screen on any desired area for sometime and it’ll automatically lock theexposure it’s a super useful featurewhich I’ve not seen on any other actioncamera till now the overall videoquality was very good in 4k 60 thebitrate in this mode was around 80 Mbpsjust check out

the Hero seven blackI have to say hyper smooth offers gimballike stabilization on this camera thisvideo samples were shot in 2.7 K at60fps the video quality was good but notas good as in 4k the bitrate in thismode was around 60 Mbps this particularclip was shot in 1080p at 30fps and thebitrate in 1080p was around 45 Mbps outof all the resolutions the camera isgiving the best quality in 4k 60 haveshowed you earlier that the GoPro Hero7 Action blackand shoot in two different colorprofiles right GoPro color and flatprofile GoPro color profile is a defaultone set on the camera but if you want toshoot in a flat picture profile andcolor grade it later yes you can do thatalso in this clip I’ll show you thedifference between GoPro color profileungraded flat color profile and gradedflat color profile just check out thisclay[]hey what’s up guys I hope you areenjoying the video now it’s time to testthe microphone on the GoPro Hero 7 blackwe’re shooting this video in 4k at 60frames per secondhello check one two three microphonetest on the hero seven

GoPro Hero7 Action information

Brand GoPro
Model Name Hero7
Model Year 2018
Item Weight 118 g
Product Dimensions 6.2 x 4.4 x 3.2 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Flash Memory Installed Size 256
Flash Memory Type SD
Removable Memory MicroSD
Included Components Hero7 Camera, the Frame, Rechargeable Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount, Flat Adhesive Mount, Mounting Buckle, Usb-C Cable

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