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Honor 9x Smartphone Price in India & Overview 2020

Honor 9x Smartphone Price

Honor 9x Smartphone Price the handset its self and this is thesuccessor to the owner eight eggs andthis one has a big screen and I believethis one is having that pop up camera asyou can see we have pop up havingintimacy at the back let’s see what elsedo we get so looks like a sim ejectortool is there and also a transparentcase I’m assuming yes the transparentcase is provided and if you notice thereis that opening at the top so that yourpop-up camera I just goes so this is howit will look when it’s in the case asyou can see let me take this out andmoving on as you can see we have a USBcable thankfully USB type-c that we aregetting this seems to be a charger butlooks like a normal charger 5 volts 2amps so a regular 10 watt charger thatwe are getting so let’s keep thesethings subtract and let’s look at thehandset itself and this is the handsetitself let me give you a physicaloverview on the top as I told you thispop up camera

Honor 9x will come up and down youalso have a secondary noise cancellationmicrophone and no the yeah over here wehave a secondary 9 and this is the SIMtray guys let’s just open it up the simtray is on the table and see theconfiguration so it’s a dual simhighbreed that you are getting like thisone guys so that’s what you get and Ibelieve it supports SD cards up to 500gigabytes and on this end we have thevolume rocker good good tactile poweron/off button and bottom vent for thespeaker type C port main microphone 3.5mm headphone jack and on this andactually nothing back we have a physicala fingerprint scanner as you can see anda triple camera setup that you’regettingit’s a 48 megapixel then that super wideand then a 2 megapixel for depth andthat front facing when it sits on itsthat pop-up camera so let’s switch thison and give me haptic feedback and bythe time it actually boots up and I setit up let me give you a configurationoverview this 109 X is having a sixpoint five nine inch IPS LCD Full HDplus screen it sparked by the current710 F octa-core processor that’s basedon 20 nanometer process it comes in fouror six bytes of RAM

Honor 9x Smartphone Price & Overview 2020

Honor 9x Smartphone Price camera themainĀ  camera is a forty eight megapixelwith four F 1.8 aperture next we have an8 megapixel that’s a super wide having20 degrees then it also have a 2megapixel camera for depth and the frontfacing is a pop-up that’s a 16 megapixelit’s having a four thousand milliamphour battery a red fingerprint scannerand comes out of the box with Android 9so guys I’ve set up the device and thiscomes with what do you say emui annex onAndroid 9 and yes we have Play Store Ichecked it for example let me show youthat first itself let’s connect to theWi-Fi it’s just downloading some stuffand as you can see we have access to thePlay Store so you don’t have to worryabout that it’s just started downloadingsome stuff just remove that and againyou have that quick toggles over hereand let’s go underneath and see and ifwe go to I believe about the device it’sin system over here about the phoneas you can see emui and it’s running on Android version 9 as you can see so on Android Pithis device is and one thing that you’llnote on this device is that it is havingthat almost full display because of thatpop up camera so gives a very immersivefeeling and though it’s that six pointfive nine inch screen it it’s okay Iwould say because the bezels are notsuper super thick anyways that’s whatyou get and as you can see we have thehigher-end variant that comes with sixgigabytes of RAM that has 128 gigabytesof storage and out of that you’regetting about 117 gigabytes of storageand it’s a IPS LCD screen guys and asyou can see the viewing

what you get with this one andnow again it’s honor 9x smartphone so I’mhoping that the camera performance willalso be good so let’s also look at thecamera on this one so let’s fire up thecamera app and it looks like a familiarI would say things compared to earlieron our phones and we have the photo modewe also have the portrait mode over herededicated no face is detected so I guessit needs faces for that so I’ll takesome snaps later on you also have thenight mode over here and of course thevideo and even the aperture mode whereyou can do a background blur that sayslet’s see yes here you can click andadjust the aperture as you can seereal-time and showing us the backgroundblur so you can go pong because withthis one as you can see in the aperturemore like this and let’s go to theregular mode over here and here if we wehave the One X and vide so that’s howyou go this is the wide-angle and if youclick again it goes back to the One X sothat’s what it is and again you have thevideo mode over here and let’s see yeahgood thing is that you can even go widein the video so that’s actually nice andlet’s go back over here and let’s seethat pop up camera and as you can see itpopped up and by default AI mode isenabled you can disable it or enable itas you can see and it’s fast you canmirror on and off I would say thoseoptions are there even night mode isthere and even the art aperture mode ohno it’s not there for the front-facingcamera some reason you were herereverted back portrayed we have sobackground blurshould do on the portrait more and yesso let me do one thing guys let meactually take some sample shots withthis one so that you get a better idearegarding the camera these were takenwith the rear facing camera and onething I notice is that the colors lookvery natural as you can see it doesn’ttry to over boost or anything and thisis the regular mode and this was takenwith the wide-angle lens another exampleregular more and this was thatwide-angle lens and if you enable thatAI mode for certain things it does boostthe colors but you can easily disable itand as you can see you get some very good results now moving




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