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iPhone 11 Price in India & Full Details Review 2020

iPhone 11 Price

iPhone 11 Price hadreally like 10 hour againthis is now I had a very good priceagain watch my iphone 11 review for details aboutthis is the phone itself and as you cansee let’s see what else do we get eventhe pamphlet is the sales product redover here as you can see over here inpartnership with Apple to contribute theportion of the iPhone purchase to globalfund to supports HD HIV and eight soagain special edition kind of a thingyeah this says hello give us a briefidea about the product we also get thesim ejector too and some apple stickersso I will just keep these thanks to thisside and I’m happy to see that they arestill bundling these here parts this islightning connector because many of theother smartphone vendors are justremoving it so that’s what we get and wehave still have the Lightning connectorthey didn’t move to USB type-c but thisis what we get and I’m still solderingthat they’re just still giving this fivewatt charger but if you go with the proadditions there you are getting 18 whatfar charger but the good thing is thatthis device does support fast chargingup to 18 watt so if you use that fastcharger you will get fast charging butstart to see only 5 watt charger and thebox so that’s what we have in the box solet me keep this to the side and let’slook at theset itself let’s peel this now it comesout on this nice to see that having inthe back is also glass and you have thedual tone design it’s slightly lightercolor over here and finally

the iPhone 11 Price and even on this one we aregetting that and the regular one in thepro you have the third one that’sactually a zoom telephoto so this is thedevice itself it’s still having a 6.1inches screen in front this is the iPhone 11 R if we notice god this issurprising this fixed eyeing a slightlyshorter the height that is surprising Ididn’t expect that but yeah apart fromthat very similar this is aluminum bodyor that you are getting and it’s in thesame color let me give you a physicaloverview again this is that aluminumbody as I was talking about and here wehave the volume this is the power on/offbutton sorryand this would be ours some ejector yestechnically it’s dual sim with ECMfunctionality but physically you can putjust a single sim many people ask me sothat second signal is why II sell andhere we have the vents for the speakerthe lightning connector and here we havethe volume

thefamous iPhone 11 Price to switch between thedifferent what is the silent mode andthat thing and back we have the Applelogo and it also says product right overhere so that’s what it is and let mejust power it on guys and this also hasstereo speakers and we get that Applelogo and by the time it actually bootsup and I set it up let me give you aconfiguration overview this iPhone 11 Review lemonis having a 6.1 inch IPS LCD screen it’sstill just a HD plus screen but the PPIis 326 it’s part where the new Apple a13 Bionic chip which is a 6 coreprocessor based on 7 nanometer processit comes in 64 128 or 256 gigabytes ofstorage it has the stereo speakers withDolby Atmos going to the rear facingcamera so dual camera set up both thelenses are 12 megapixels main one is f1.8 and then we have the ultra widewhich is f 2.4 moving to the frontfacing camera it’s also a 12 megapixelwith Fto point to aperture and it has a 3100milliamp power battery which actuallyare technically supposed 18 what fastcharging it is also ip68 certified andalso has a wireless Qi charging and ofcourse

the iPhone 11 Review again like typical live phone thisis iOS 13 but again the layout hasn’tchanged so that’s the same thing youhave the quick toggles over here as youcan see and here you get yournotifications and other stuff let’s steptest this of what do you say face ID andagain as you can see it works Apple saysthey are made it faster yes the moment ipress this it’s unlocking let’s see onthe older iPhone 11 Price ah yes it takes asplit second notice this law it takessplit-second modes here the moment youdo it so yes slightly faster I would sayand this one is also having it at 6.1inch screen and again this also hasstereo speakers and if you go to theSettings this is the dark theme that I’musing guys you can switch between thelight and the dark I’ve just kept it onthat hence everything is here dark

iPhone shigh dual camera but they never had thatultra wide-angle here we have theregular and the ultra wide so let’s havea look at the same now and let’s firethe camera app over here a test and itsays one two a love love while using andnew camera capture so only now this isthe interface that you have seen One Xand we have the wide-angle and I meanit’s very faster and iPhones have beenvery fast and taking pictures the samecase here also and we also have theportrait mode even with the singlecamera let’s bring this Android overhere an actual light it says and I’mgonna click yes I can see the backgroundblur on here guys background I saw asyou can see notice this area thebackground blur it did actually a prettygood job let’s just go back explore itsays it’s to show me

12 megapixel well yeah ok it makesthe I can also have two portrait modeand we also have the lighting and thisis that I’m just gonna disable that andwe also have the lighting effects likethis as you can see just notice thedifference on my face as you can see wehave the different mode and the studioactually looks really nice and let me doone thing guys let me actually take somesample shots so that you get a betteridea regarding the camera these weretaken with the rear facing camera andthis was in that vide angled mode andsome more samples and it doesn’t try toexaggerate the colors like othersmartphones and you can even take someclose-up shots though again it’s notmacro but as you can see you candefinitely take some close-up shots likeI have done but again if you get veryclose yes the mate will turn out to beblurry so I’m you into human subjectsthese are some of the samples that I’vetaken and you also have that portraitmode and you can play around with thelighting effects and that gives you avery different picture as you can seeand it works really well in outdoorconditions this was the wide-angle modeand again this was also in that provideangled mode and now some more samplestaken in the regular mode and here Ichange to the portrait mode and I alsoplayed a little bit with the lightingeffect as you can see on the face now moving

the front-facing camera in theportrait mode as you can see Susan quitea bit but I can even play around withthat lighting effects and that gives youa very different picture this was theregular mode to give you an idea andthis was also regular and now when Iswitch to the portrait mode and what isthe amount of zoom that you get now moving to completely artificial lightingconditions these were taken in indoorand as you can see it is surprisinglydoing actually pretty good job and thiswasn’t that fied angle lens but now move the human subjects I felt that it couldhave done slightly better this was thatwide-angle mode and these were taken inthe portrait mode now move thefront-facing camera this was a regularshot and this was in the portrait modeand in the portrait mode as I have toldme you can play around with the lightingI expected camera to be a slightlybetter but again these were the resultsagain recording let’s see I’m in theregular mode let’s see if it allows usyes while shooting a video you can movebetween this wide-angle mode and theregular mode and as you can see thetransition is really fast now I’mrecording the video with thefront-facing camera and the audio isalso be recorded by the same so this isthe sample footage where with thefront-facing camera if you shoot thevideo walk style video

iPhone 11 Price & Details

Display 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display with True Tone
Capacity 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant Water resistant to a depth of 2 metres for up to 30 minutes (IP68)
Camera & Video Dual 12MP cameras (Ultra Wide, Wide) with Portrait mode, Night mode, Auto Adjustments, next-generation Smart HDR and 4K video up to 60 fps with extended dynamic range
Front Camera 12MP TrueDepth front camera with Portrait mode, Smart HDR, 4K video recording up to 60 fps and slo-mo video support for 1080p at 120 fps
Power and Battery Up to 17 hours video playback; up to 10 hours video streami


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