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Kookaburra Cricket Bat English Willow in Review 2020

Kookaburra Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Cricket Bat is niceto see even though not always enough tobringing them home to victory sadly butI’m sure there’s more to come later inthe tournament but yeah the maindifference here between this and thenormal Kahuna which I’m sure you allknow and love by now is the color of thestickers as you can see here it’s thisreally nice sky-blue color which they’veincluded of course that coincides withthe kits that England are wearing whichI think is also very smart so yeah notnice cool touch they’re little thingslike the the logo there to prove thatit’s authentic of course always nice tosee that on these bats I’m on the backyou can really see that sky-blue in evenmore detail and I think it looksabsolutely stunning to be honest Iactually prefer this to the normalKahuna stickers really of course they’restill kept a touch of lime green youknow around the edges there just to keepthat sort of green Kahuna flavour goingif you like and I’ll just bring in Kookaburra Cricket Bat atKahuna 3.0 here so you can see basicallywhat’s dark green on this is sky blue onthis but it is there’s another reason Ibrought this in and that is of coursethat it is the same grade you can seethe 3.0 sticker there because they areof course grade three English willowcook we’re making it nice and easy whattheir grades

there if you look at the rest ofthe range you’re generally going to getsort of 6 to 9 grains the odd blemishthey’re not going to be stunningas I said great three English willowhowever they are pretty clean and theyplay well off the mallet for sure aswell so which I’ll show you shortly withthe mallet test but yeah that everythingis the same about and in fact I bring inthis commune of three normally made inHangul as you can see there and same toeguard even which is quite interestingobviously this seems to match better onthe normal Kookaburra Cricket Bat Kahuna than it does on the onthe world competition but again fullspine down through the middle of the toethere mid mid or great for all-aroundstroke play and a slight bit of concavenot much con kidding just a little bitto keep the weight down you can seethere so it is exactly the sameobviously the grip is different as wellto coordinate with this white and bluescale grip as opposed to the green scalegrip that you get on normal Cunha butyeah they’re only available in thisgrade incidentally and only a hundredare commercially available of whichkookaburra have now completely sold outso we wanted

Haosting adyzar

this emergency orderin we had three last week which came andwent within six hours and then we hadeight which arrived last night one ofwhich has already sold today and now wehave these seven and once these sevenare gone they are gone and that is itnever to return it is a very verylimited one-off specifically for theWorld Cup obviously to do bear that inmind if you are interested one of thefeature I noticed about these worldcompetitions it may be slightlydifferent actually to the normalKahuna’s is they seem to be a bitlighter generally a lot of to seven batsthis particular better to eight and it’sactually the heaviest one we’ve got ofall of these seven whereas with a normalKahuna quite often can get to nine toten it seems they seem to be a touchlighter with this World Cup edition somuch

Kookaburra Cricket Bat KB Jos Butler Le

that’sthat’s the same as the normal Kahunathere that that’s no different the specsmay be slightly smaller makes senserelief the touch lighter this particularone thirty four millimeter edges of 58millimeter spine and a 16 millimeter toeso they’re not massive I mean there’s acouple here that have some 37 millimeterages 61 millimeters spine so they can bea bit bigger than this particular onebut yeah because they’re light they’renever going to be huge and obviouslytheir bit differences say the Big Kahunawhich is if you wanted a coon in abigger size with big aspects in bitheavier that would of course be youryour option there the pickup as with anormal Kahuna absolutely beautifulfor a full spine bow I do think theseare particularly well balanced sometimesI find that with back to the full spinethat run down through the toe it canaffect the weight distribution a bit andbecome slightly bottom heavy becauseyou’re getting a little bit more weightdown there than you would if it wasduck-billed but in this case thatbeautifully but it’s just to eight andit feels to seven for meso generally about an ounce less thanthey are in my opinion in feel a bit ofa bow there so around the mid blade verysignificant really that’s that’sconsistent across them of course

the bottomso good if you were more the top handedplane you don’t want involve that bottomhand or risk too much handle thicknessreasonably thick medium to think I’d sayon these don’t necessarily need a secondgrip although I would probably get oneanywhere to do with all my batsyou probably quite curious about thatmallet tests without further ado let’sdo the toe it was the base the stickerswith the mallet and now about thesoftest that are Cooke robots we’veheard and still have that are softerthan this I’d say but not too hardeitherI sort of in-between it might take gamesor sothey need knocking in as with all thebats we stock with of course that’s aservice we can provide if you were toget the back from us only gonna getbetter with knocking in as we always saya natural finish so now anti scuff sheapplied it nicely finished as alwaysanother thing I didn’t mention I meanI’m bringing a couple of other goodexamples here show you a nice fairlyglossy on the face boned on the edges aswell yeah work well finished and thatall-important price is the same as theKahuna 3.0

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