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Realme Buds Wireless & Button Remote Review 2020

Realme Buds Wireless

Realme Buds Wireless are their firstone there are truly vollis and in termsof specs it’s actually this somepaperwork gives you an idea about thisyou got a microUSB cable yes no USBtype-c but micro USB and some extra tipsof gear pads and one is actually prettyattached so I just keep this to the sideand to slide the box you pull this andit was packed in this obviously so thepackaging was actually good size thiscame back to the side and let’s look atthis badge and now have used it foralmost about five days guys so I’ll giveyou my impressions what do I feel aboutthis one what do I like and what are thethings that I do not like and but firstlet’s look at it and so these are thehere buds and I don’t know about youguys but this reminds me too much of theoneplus wireless Bluetooth earbuds theversion 1 and the version 2 in fact ifyou look at this it’s almost identicallythe soft touch plastic that we have andeven looks this is also magnetic solooks like they were inspired by thembut luckily in terms of pricing theywere not inspired because 1 plus batscost almost two and a half – about threetimes compared to this one and this isagain magnetic on this one but I likethe fact that this magnetic connectionis just not for name sake this has valuein fact to shut off your buds you justdo it like this and they’re off and toswitch it on you just open it trying toconnect to your produce a smartphone orwhateverand if it’s the first time you are doingyou should just remove it like this itautomatically gets into the pairing modeso 200 technical

Realme Buds Wireless  Android ten so I usethis a lot I would say 70% of the timewith this one but I also tested it withiPad pro to see how it works with iOSand even with the real me Eckstein andin terms of connection I did not have aproblem and the good thing is that theseare actually Bluetooth five so in termsof the a signal that the signal strengthwas actually really good in fact Realme Buds 200technical if Icould move beyond this room also to thenext room it did not disconnect so thesignal strength was very strong withpixel I took a lot of calls even when Iwas in other rooms I did not have anysurenow again now you wear these like thisand you put it in your gear like thisand the microphone is also over here letme actually first give you a physicaloverview then we continue and here asyou can see we have LED light withapplause and stuff if you open this itwill try to connect and if it’sconnected will go and blue as as you cansee it’s connected right now but youjust put it like this black back it’llsay red and it just disconnects is andhere we have the physical buttons plusand minus for the volume and you alsohave our logo which we use to pause andalready say replay the music pause andplay and if you hold it for more thantwo seconds what I notice is theactivates Google assistance so that isthere and here we have the microUSB portwe using which you charge and reallycream startled you get about 12 hours ofbattery life I simply could not test itthere wasn’t I didn’t listen to it andyou can see for that long but I wouldsay the battery life is really good onthis one and it can last for a long longtime but in the last five days I had tocharge it only once and they also claimthat this supports sort of fast chargingand fast charging and nothing isspecified what is the voltage so

the microphone because I did takea lot of calls with this one and I haveto say in terms of the microphonequality they have done a very good joband I took a lot of calls with this oneguys and none of the other partiescomplained that my calls were muddied oranything so the Realme Buds microphone that theyhave put fortunately is a very goodquality one and you just pull it likethisit connects so that’s not a problem solet me actually show you right now I’mwearing it as you can see and I’ll juststart this music and I can hear it butif I just take it out and put it thatlike this it will dispose the music andthis will switch off so I like thatfunctionality you just put it like thisand it’s off and you just pull it pullthis and it’s switched on and connectsautomatically to the last device and infact in terms of connectivity also I didnot have a problem as I mentioned thethree different devices that I’veconnected and if you have Bluetooth fivethen the range is also really good onthis one so that’s what I have noticedyou just take this out and it’s verycomfortable to wear and really alsoclaims that these are sort of sweat theproof splash proof so if you do workoutsand stuff also they should actuallysurvive now let’s talk about the soundquality because I feel that’s the mostimportant thing on a year phone andreally claims that these actually have11.2 mm driver this is the same driveralmost the same size as the real meterbuds too wide once hence I feel thebasic quality is definitely a lot moreemphasized and it has that punchy sortof pace which most of you would like sodefinitely the bass is elevated when thebass is there you do feel that but it’sdone in a good way

the mid-tones and here also Iwould say it’s done pretty good but itcould have been slightly better so if Ihave to read for bass if a flow rateadulterated nine out of ten but for themid-tones I would rate it 8.5 out of 10now if we move to the highsthese are the high tones shimmer here Iwould say my bias will come because Ilike your force that have slightly moretreble emphases like JBL generally havethat so that slight spark was missingbut some people feel that if you havethat excessive so what is a treble it’sa little bit tiring to the years so Iwill take the treble tones are goodenough but again if you want that extrasparkle you won’t find so in terms oftreble tones I would rate it 8 out of 10so overall if I have to talk just aboutthe sound quality with this one I wouldsay I would rate it 8.5 out of 10 butoverall if you look at these earphonesthe build quality is good you have thesemagnetic connectors that actually workvery easily switches on and offautomatically pace to the last form andalso the microphone quality

Realme Buds Wireless two minorconstant I have noticed with this oneagain these are sort of quibbles I wouldsay the first con is that this one thecharging port is still a microUSB portnot a USB type-c port and the secondthing is that again this only comes asof now I know is only in this yellowcolor which is actually a little bit tooloud for my taste and you have thatyellow accent almost everywhere on theseearphones so these are minor to quibblesbut apart from that overall I would sayif you look at the sound quality thecomfort the goods microphone and alsothe battery life that you are gettingthen I would say overall Ilike it considering the price point ofabout eighteen hundred rupees I wouldrate it almost about nine out of tenso before we conclude I completelyforgot to mention one thing when I waswatching some shows on my iPad Pro and Iwas connected wired this one I noticedthat there was a sync delay between thevideo and the audio the audio wasgetting on the sea-air phones

Realme Buds Wireless Information

Brand realme
Model RMA108
Model Name realme buds wireless
Item Weight 31.8 g
Product Dimensions 35.5 x 11 x 0.5 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Item model number RMA108
Hardware Platform Smartphone
Additional Features Bluetooth, wireless, with microphone
Included Components Earphone, Ear tips 6 (including 2 on the earphones), Ear support 2, Micro USB cable and Quick guide book
Microphone Form Factor with microphone
Headphones Form Factor In Ear
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Battery Power 110
Connector Type Bluetooth
Includes Rechargable Battery Yes


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