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Realme X2 Review & Price in India, Full Specification

Realme X2 Review

Realme X2 Review XD so let’s breakit down between the pros and cons butbefore that here are the specs for thereal Realme x2 and as you can see it’shaving the 6.4 and Super AMO LED screenand it’s fine with the new Snapdragon730 GSoC and it comes with the 30 waterfaster hoop charger and also has thequad camera setup and a 32 megapixelfront-facing camera so now let’s breakit down to the pros and cons let’s lookat the pros first and again guys a verysimilar to other really devices I wouldsay in terms of looks and stuff this oneis that new colorit’s the screen color I like that and ifyou talk about the screen I like thescreen on this one it’s a Super AMOLEDscreen it’s a six point four inch screenthat we are having it’s a good qualityscreen that they have put it has alltheir regular stuff like auto brightnessalso free flicker free options and stuffin the settings so again you can enablethat as you can see low practice andflicker free option and all those thingsare there if you want to keep it at verylow practice you can anyway let metoggle there so all those things arethere and I didn’t have to actually playaround with the settings at the defaultsettings the image that I was gettingwas good so a good panel what they haveyour stuff and now if we talk about theprocessor that’s the big difference Iwould say this one is having the newSnapdragon 730 GS o scene and if Icompare it with the real mean  as youcan see this is a real me  this addthe 712 I’m Aaron antutu on this one ifI switch on as you can see the  got ascore of 2 lakh 28,000

color over six that you are gettingand I did not have any issues of lageNOS or anything while I was using thephoneso in that way the processor handleseverything and it’s a very powerfulprocessor it should sufficealmost every fun even for gamingactually I had good experience now if wetalk about how the phone feels in thehand here also I feel real me has done agood job it feels comfortable in thehand even though it’s having that 6.4inch screen and it’s slightly curvedhere from the edges so if you hold itit’s comfortable I mean yes it’s havinga six point four inch screen so you takea day or two to get used to it but againI like the fact that the weight balanceis done when on this one so it does notfeel top-heavy or bottom heavy so inthat aspect they have done a good jobnow if we talk about the what do you saycellular network reception I tested thisone with a tell NGO and I tested thenHeather Bob and I even now wasn’t go offfor two days so I tested it there and Idid not have any issues in terms ofnetwork reception the network receptionwas fine as you guys know in this areait a single level is actually

RAM with this device asyou can see I’m just opening and closingsome of the apps that I had open earlierand they are in memory so the RAM also has been done very wellin fact in day-to-day operations ingeneral UI and stuff I did not have anyshow yes it ran some color over 6 so Imean it’s typical color OS I hope thatthe next new version of color OS of thereal me who has thumbs on this one andnow if I have to also talk about gamingI did test call of duty and even pop Gon this and as expected even at thehighest settings it played fine thanksto the new Adreno GPU and the Snapdragon730 GSoC so if you are a gamer also thenyou’d have a good experience and nothinglike the battery the battery life isalso good on this oneit’s similar to what does getting on the Realme how much is slightly

Realme X2 Review camera isat 64 megapixel then we have that 8megapixel ultra wide we also have a 2megapixel for macro and 2 megapixel forwhat’s a portrait and the front facingis actually a new 32 megapixel shooterand here are some of the sample shotsthat I have taken with this one and asyou can see the outdoor shots come outbrilliant in natural lighting see thesharpness they look

real me x2 shooting thisvideo with the Realme X2 Review and I’mshooting this at 1080p and as you cansee I’m just walking around so that youget an idea how is the stabilization asof now looks like the es is doing a goodjob even though I’m walking justnormally but you let me know what do youthink about the video and the audio withthis Realme X2 Review shooting this video withthe front-facing camera again I’m doingthe same thing using it against thelight to give you an idea let me move toa shadowed area and don’t let me knowwhat do you feel about the video withthe front-facing camera I think so it’salso again doing that E is and becauseof that image as zoomed in but so againyou have to stretch your hands a littlebit for these vlog style videos butagain do let me know what do you feelabout the video quality so there was acamera performance and it also has thisin display fingerprint scanner as youcan see and again as we have seenearlier or ume devices the performanceis actually really good as you can seeso no issues regarding that the indisplay fingerprint scanner is very veryresponsive on this one so these are thegood things that I liked about thisdevice now let’s move to the console andthe first call that I have is that likeother ble devices this also looks verysimilar to other we can be devices infact as you can see the real me XD andthis one they look almost identical soagain I feel Larry we should work alittle bit on the design and change thedesign but it’s almost the same as youcan see from the front and back so thisis something I hope they change in thefuturenow also coming to this display it’s anAMOLED screen so you can have thisalways-on display in the settings youcan enable it it was not any but Ianybody okay this is half-baked I wouldsay only four missed calls I get an iconof that but for any other notification Isimply don’t get and I don’t know andthe fact is that this smartphone doesnot have any physical LED notificationlight so you have this functionality Ihope for future updates or the nextAndroid 10 update 2020

Realme X2 Specification

OS Android
Item Weight 558 g
Product Dimensions 15 x 10 x 10 cm
Batteries: 1 A batteries required. (included)
Item model number RMX1992 X2
Special features Double Mic Noise , Super Linear Speaker, Dolby Sound Effect Type,

(Bottom), Screen Ratio: 91.9%, Screen Contrast: >60000:1, Screen Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, Color Saturation: 100% Typ, Maximum Brightness: 430nit Typ, Touch Screen Glass Material: GG5, Touch Points: 10, Touch Screen Supplier: Samsung, Oleophobic Coating, Middle Frame Texture: PC, Back Cover Material: GG5, Back Cover Technology: Hot Bending 3D Glass,

In-Display Fingerprint, Magnetic Induction Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Gyro-meter, Acceleration Sensor,

Type-C USB Jack, USB Transmission Standard: USB 2.0, Vibrating Motor: Flat Motor, VOOC Flash Charge, Theoretical Call Duration: 26.23H, Theoretical Standby Duration: 411.52H, Energy Density: 684Wh/L, Simulated Duration: 14.5H, Theoretical Audio Playing Time: 107.41H, Charging Speed/Power: 5V 6A, 30W Max, Theoretical Video Playing Time: 9.52H, VoLTE, 4G+, Single-lane, 4G Data Rate: UL 64QAM 75 Mbps, DL 256QAM 300 Mbps,The Maximum Number of Connected Devices at a Hotspot: 10, WLAN

Other camera features Front
Form factor Smartphone
Battery Power Rating 4000 milliamp_hours


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