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Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM Price & Review 2020

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM  smart watch Iwould say it’s a very good one becausethe build quality is really good it’ssolid but again it’s not perfect but letme first give you a physical overviewabout it and as you can see here is thewatch itself and now this is the 42 mmt is the 46 mm and this is the colordifference this is known as the blackone midnight black if I recall and Ifeel this looks a lot more class herethis is also metal and we also have itin the steel variant I felt that thisbigger 46 mm is just too bulkyI like big watches but even for me thiswas just too bulky so this one the blackone are looks a lot more elegant as youcan see and this is having a 1.2 inchSuper AMOLED screen as you can see andthese are the watch faces you can changeit and press it like this and you canchange it so you have a couple of thembut again not a lot but gets the jobdone I would say as you can see I amliking this digital one and you can evencustomize what you want for example forme it shows me the battery date time thesteps that I’ve taken and the weatherand again as it’s a Samsung Smart Watchyou have this bezel over here which is arotating one and you can move aroundwith this one and you don’t have to useit but it’s a lot more easier to do thisbecause this is also a touchscreen

we have twobuttons over your physical this is theone and for example let’s say you areinside anything for example if I go overhere you press this this is the backbutton and you just go back over hereand this if you press it will take youback to the home screen as you can seeyou are over here if you just press itit takes you back to the home screen sothat’s what it is and again it has a lotof functionality because it’s a completeSmart Watch not what do you saymany of the dumb down smartwatches thatI just notified about is a wristband ohthis is a proper a Smart Watch and asyou can see if you just if I getnotification I didn’t get now I’ll waitfor it but if you go samsung galaxy watch 42mm bands over here you getyour all your notifications over hereand you can customize what you want andif I go over here you see the weatherand then you have apps shortcuts this isthe health how much you have walked andstuff such changes based on that againthis shows you the calorie count numberof steps 30 of climb it has barometerand stuff like that and also steps yourheart rate

the galaxy watch 42mm review opticalheart rate sensor here at the back letme just go back so you have thatfunctionality you can add your contactsyour reminders over here a calendar evensend stuff you can add stress as ittries to measure it’s sort of a gimmickbut yeah I would say and I mean you havea lot of moods over you can add whateveryou want from running etc it also doesauto tracking for example I go to amorning walk sometimes and it startsautomatically tracking it but it doesnot have happen immediately after aboutalmost a kilometer of walk detects thatyou’re walking and starts automaticallygathering stats about that so it’s nicerif you forget it but again if you’rejust walking for half a kilometre orsomething it won’t detect that onlyafter about 1100 steps or something itstarts to automatically get oh yeahwalking so let me track how’s your paceyour walkingyour heart rate my other stat distanceand all this thing so it does that butagain it weights and you can alsocontrol the music like any SmartWatchfor example if you place it playing anymusic from your phone you can control itvia this one you can also store somestuff over here I’ll show youand I mean this also has an altimeterand a barometer I don’t know how usefulit would be for you but it does havethat altimeter and even a barometerit has over here

these can’treplies you can add also what you want Ihave a bunch of them you can edit whatdo you want but let’s say I want toreply to him and I let’s say I’m busyand I want to say I’ll call you laterI’m just gonna hit this I’ll call youlaterand as you can see it did process thatbut again as you saw that it took a goodabout five seconds for it to process itso that is actually it works I would saybut it is actually pretty slow on thiswatch I have replied to a lot of what doyou say whatsapp messages like this samsung galaxy watch 42mm lte evenSMS messages on this one and it worksbut again after seeing that therecognition takes almost five to sevenseconds so there is a delay this issomething that I do not face when I wasusing the Apple watch so it uses thatbig sweet yes it works indirectly butthe thing is that it is little bit slowso that Bixby is there about again asyou can see it detected that what makesme as I told you so I can say hey Bixbywhat’s the weather it’s just doing itstuff but again as you can see it is alittle bit on the slower side so I usedit for whatsapp replies and stuff but asyou can see it is just a little bit slowBixby is not as fast as Siri or eventhough what do you say Google Isis butSam saying it’s a Samsung product andSamsung loves you makes me so thatthat’s something you have to live withthat but I like the fact that you canuse voice to reply are two simplecommands and stuff and that’s actuallyuseful also it has its LT watch and allthose things you even if I press here ifI just press here you get all the appsover here as you can see you can evencall with this one you can make callswith this one so that’s actually nicesome of you who are asking but

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM  one you get the shorter onealso these are 20 mm what do you saystrap so you can easily replace this ifyou want and you also get this thingthat this is known as the charging dockand you have to place it on this forcharging and the thing is that thecharging speeds are actually pretty slowand it takes you about two and a halfhours for it to charge and let’s nottalk about the battery because that’sthe big problem that modern smartwatches and I’ve seen claims in mediaand stuffs claiming four days five daysof battery life with this one that isnot true you can get just about two daysof battery life and I would say anywherebetween one and a half to two days ofbattery life based on your usage andthis is with not always on if I keepthat always on display yes you can dothat but again it will bring the batteryquite

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM battery isabout 38% and storage it comes with 4gigabytes of internal storage and out ofthat you just get about 1.4 gigabytes ofspace for storage again if you’re justusing apps that won’t be a problem butif you try to store long music then thatmight be a limitation and also in termsof RAM you have about 4 gigabytes of RAMand in terms of RAM as you can see itsays this 567 m DSP and they use it Ididn’t have any problems in terms ofresponsiveness or anything so that’s nota problem that this watch that wasactually fine and general UI is fineit’s running on a Exynos dual-coreprocessor so in that area it’s fine Iwould say the only problem I have isthat bits B recognition voicerecognition as a little bit slow to myliking and apart from this again  galaxy watch 42mm black Victhing with these smart watches as thehead so you also have this Samsung helpand either as you can see it tracks whatyou are doing and all those things forexample I’ve already walked for fivethousand eight hundred seven morning Iwent for a walk or stuff so it givesthat so it also has historic trends whatyou have done earlier and all thisthings this is typical stuff as you cansee so gives you an idea the other dayon Monday thirteen thousand steps I’vewalked and whatever so gives you thatand also it tracks your heart rate andall those things automatically so itgives you friends about it so these aresimple stuff that it does and it alsoreminds you to just just sit for a longtime it reminds you to I just get up door twist and stuff and all those thingsactually work and notifications alsowork but sometimes one bug I havenoticed is that some of thenotifications I for most of thenotifications you get a vibration butsome

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42MM information

Brand Samsung
Model Name Galaxy
Item Weight 399 g
Package Dimensions 13.4 x 13.1 x 7.3 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Item model number SM-R810NZKAINU
Operating System Tizen Based Wearable OS 4.0
Included Components Smartwatch, Charging Dock, Travel Adapter, Strap and Quick Setting Guide
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Polymer
Connector Type Bluetooth, GPS

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