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Sony C300 Bluetooth Headset with Mic in Review 2020

Sony C300 Bluetooth

Sony C300 Bluetooth¬†quite a fewof you have asked me to review budgetoriented it’s not technically budgetmid-range oriented Bluetooth headsetsfrom Sony

thegear phones I’ll show you that and asyou can see you in the box it says thatit has NFC support and also you can takecalls with this and supposed to haveabout 8 hours of battery life so this iswhat you have and you can obviouslyadjust the volume and stuff and let meshow you what else do you get apart fromthese are the earphones I’ll show youand we also get this cable this is themicro USB cable that we use for chargingthis one you also get an extra pair ofearbuds so two are here and what haspre-attached 200 technical the total three you get andall just quite a bit of paperwork andbooklets so let me keep this to the sidelet me show you the earphones itself andthe body is made up of plastic guys ithas the Sony branding here let me zoomin and show you as you can see so thisis actually entirely made up of plasticthis is the main controller we have thepower on/off button and the volumecontrollers over here and this flap thisis the microUSB port they’ll be used forcharging and for NFC also you have touse this one and if your phone has NFCyou can tap it and it easily pairs

Sony C300 Bluetooth Headset  Black, In the Ear

the earbuds and they also havethe SUNY branding over here as you cansee and I don’t have to change the geartips at fit comfortably to me but againthese are also made up of plastic so theentire like built quality is plastic onething I noticed is that the wire here isa little bit thin but this one from thiscontroller to the battery bay isslightly better quality and one thing Ihave noticed is that while I was usingalso if you notice the controller sethere and this one is also in the centerthis should have been on the right sidethat would have created a better balanceso let’s not talk what do I feel aboutand the first thing is that in terms ofvolume I notice that these can goactually very very loud so if you are aperson who likes to listen to a musicvery very loudly yes these can go veryvery loud now moving to what do you sayit has integrated microphone over hereso you can definitely take calls withthis one and the good thing is that fortaking voice calls

Sony C300 Bluetooth quality hascurd and other party never complainedabout any distortion or something soit’s actually good for taking calls butnow moving to the Bluetooth range I feltthat the Bluetooth range is strictlysort of poor – very average if you arein the same room it won’t disconnect butwhenever I was just moving out of thisroom even just closing the door it wasgetting disconnected quite often so theBluetooth range is actually prettyaverage in my Frank of medium one thingI do like about this one is that it hasNFC support so if you have a high-endphone that has NFC you can just tap onit and it repaired easily so that’sactually a nice thing and now coming tothe battery lifeI didn’t continuously listen it foreight hours Tony claims about any taskbut in my rough testing yes the batterylife is good and you should get aboutsix to about seven hours based on thevolume level that you are we are lookingat so that’s regarding the battery lifeI would say pretty good considering

haveabout four or five bars now in terms ofcomfort these are actually very verycomfortable they go in your ear so thething is that there to block a lot ofambient sound so you have to be carefulif you are wearing it outdoors so thatis something but in terms of comfortthey are very very comfortable I didn’thave to change the gear tips and theyare very very comfortable but one thingis that and I have mentioned it earlieralso regarding the weight balance Idon’t think so Sony did a good jobbecause the controller is over here andeven the battery bay that sticks on yourneck and many times due to the weight itgoes like this and hence it tries topull this here so the weight balance Iwould say if you’re moving around

thatwould have created a betterand one strange thing that I noticedwith this year phones is thatand if you’re gonna purchase itinitially when you play back this therewill sound horrible I was really reallysurprised how could a Sony your phonesound so bad so they do require quite abit of burn and so I would say justconnected to your smartphoneput it on slightly higher volume andleave it for about four or five hoursand after that definitely the soundquality improves and the sound stageimproves now if we talk about the soundwhich is again a very important parthere I would say I had mixed resultswith this one and I was expectingslightly better but let’s break it downfirst let’s talk about the bass and inthis department I would say it s likelyon the weaker side we as Indians likemusic with slightly enhanced bass yesit’s there but it’s not that much bassthat we would be like and here I wouldsay I would cut some marks and I have torate in terms of bass I would rate atseven out of ten now moving to vocalsthe vocals did sound actually


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